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To show mercy “Compassion”



         As God incarnate, the Son of God and God the Son, Christ was a mirror of flesh flawlessly reflecting His Father’s nature, not only the divine holiness but the divine heart. Himself sinless and most acutely sensitive to sin, Jesus sympathized with sinful people who were suffering.


        It was entered by the simple exercise of repentant faith, and it called for loving obedience to the King and Father and loving service to brothers and sisters in the new divine kingdom and family. Indeed, such service was to be rendered to every member of the human family as well. It’s one all-inclusive law was love, a love that Jesus spelled out in His Sermon on the Mount, a love that fulfilled the Ten Commandments, Rom 13:10Rom 13:10
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

10 El amor no hace mal al prójimo; así que el cumplimiento de la Ley es el amor.

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. Thus the controlling motive of attitude and behavior in this born again society was to be compassion, love in action, the caring concern modeled by Jesus Himself.


       Jesus was also uniquely compassionate toward women. Indeed, His attitude toward women and His relationship with women were revolutionary. Israel was a patriarchal society in which women occupied a subordinate position and were in many ways treated as social and spiritual inferiors to men.


       The female role was that of housekeeper, with none of the conveniences we take for granted today. Her other role was that of childbearing with frequent pregnancies, the more she bore, the higher a wife was held in esteem. A woman had no property rights. She could not serve as a witness. She could not share equally in worship.


       Jesus, however, was sensitive to the needs of all people whether male or female. He exhibited an all-inclusive compassion that broke through the traditional gender restrictions and taboos. In order to heal, He allowed Himself to be touched by a woman without a shuddering reaction. Another woman, in this case a defiled prostitute, poured precious ointment on the Savior’s feet and washed them with her tears while Jesus was eating in a Pharisee’s house. Compassionately, our Lord, who knew her penitence and faith, defended that bold, extravagant action and sent her away with a benediction of peace, Luke 7:36-50Luke 7:36-50
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

Jesús en el hogar de Simón, el fariseou 36 Uno de los fariseosv rogó a Jesús que comiera con él. Y habiendo entrado en casa del fariseo, se sentó a la mesa. 37 Entonces una mujer de la ciudad, que era pecadora,w al saber que Jesús estaba a la mesa en casa del fariseo, trajo un frasco de alabastrox con perfume; 38 y estando detrás de él a sus pies,y llorando, comenzó a regar con lágrimas sus pies, y los secaba con sus cabellos; y besaba sus pies y los ungía con el perfume. 39 Cuando vio esto el fariseo que lo había convidado, dijo para sí: «Si este fuera profeta, conocería quién y qué clase de mujer es la que lo toca, porque es pecadora». 40 Entonces, respondiendo Jesús, le dijo: --Simón,z una cosa tengo que decirte. Y él le dijo: --Di, Maestro. 41 --Un acreedor tenía dos deudores: uno le debía quinientos denarios y el otro, cincuenta.a 42 No teniendo ellos con qué pagar, perdonó a ambos. Di, pues, ¿cuál de ellos lo amará más?b 43 Respondiendo Simón, dijo: --Pienso que aquel a quien perdonó más. Él le dijo: --Rectamente has juzgado. 44 Entonces, mirando a la mujer, dijo a Simón: --¿Ves esta mujer? Entré en tu casa y no me diste agua para mis pies; pero ella ha regado mis pies con lágrimas y los ha secado con sus cabellos. 45 No me diste beso; pero ella, desde que entré, no ha cesado de besar mis pies. 46 No ungiste mi cabeza con aceite; pero ella ha ungido con perfume mis pies.c 47 Por lo cual te digo que sus muchos pecados le son perdonados, porque amó mucho; pero aquel a quien se le perdona poco, poco ama. 48 Y a ella le dijo: --Tus pecados te son perdonados. 49 Los que estaban juntamente sentados a la mesa, comenzaron a decir entre sí: --¿Quién es este, que también perdona pecados?d 50 Pero él dijo a la mujer: --Tu fe te ha salvado; ve en paz.e

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       Jesus again disclosed His compassionate attitude toward women and particularly those who were marginalized by their own sin, when He refused to engage in the stoning of adulteress caught in the very act. Leaving aside the question of why her accusers didn’t drag the male offender as well to the feet of Jesus, we watch our Lord, who with compassion tactfulness handled this sordid situation righteously yet forgiving. He absolved this transgressor of her guilt, warned her against future temptation, and sent her away to live a changed life, John 8:11John 8:11
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

11 Ella dijo: --Ninguno, Señor. Entonces Jesús le dijo: --Ni yo te condeno; vete y no peques más.d

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      Jesus encounters a funeral procession outside the city of Nain. A young man had died. He was the only child of his grief-stricken mother. She was facing loneliness and in all probability destitution. When Jesus saw the funeral procession and heard the mother sobbing, He was moved with compassion. “His heart went out to her” Luke 7:13Luke 7:13
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

13 Cuando el Señor la vio, se compadeció de ella y le dijo: --No llores.

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. He didn’t wait for any appeal. He acted. He touched the coffin, and He commanded the corpse to arise. Miraculously, the son obeyed as life returned to his body. Imagine the mother’s gratitude as uncontrollable joy replaced inconsolable sorrow! Luke 7:11-17Luke 7:11-17
Spanish: Biblia Reina Valera - revisión de 1995 - RVR95

Jesús resucita al hijo de la viuda de Naínf 11 Aconteció después, que él iba a la ciudad que se llama Naín,g e iban con él muchos de sus discípulos y una gran multitud. 12 Cuando llegó cerca de la puerta de la ciudad, llevaban a enterrar a un difunto, hijo único de su madre, que era viuda; y había con ella mucha gente de la ciudad. 13 Cuando el Señor la vio, se compadeció de ella y le dijo: --No llores. 14 Acercándose, tocó el féretro;h y los que lo llevaban se detuvieron. Y dijo: --Joven, a ti te digo, levántate. 15 Entonces se incorporó el que había muerto y comenzó a hablar. Y lo dio a su madre. 16 Todos tuvieron miedo, y glorificaban a Dios diciendo: «Un gran profeta se ha levantado entre nosotros» y «Dios ha visitado a su pueblo».i 17 Y se extendió la fama de él por toda Judeaj y por toda la región de alrededor.

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        Too often we sit around waiting for our emotions to motivate us to go out and reach people. When that doesn’t happen, we conclude that God must not be calling us to reach people because we don’t feel anything. As a result, we do nothing.  I have a new challenge for you. Just start! As you start stretching, touching and speaking to people, the feelings will come. This is living a life of faith, not a life based on feelings. We should help people because we care and have compassion for them and love them as Jesus does. Love requires action!

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